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        A graduate of the University of Poitiers since 2003 (Masters in Audiovisual Arts, specialising in Documentary), I was hired by French production company named 'People TV International' upon completing my studies. Since 2007 I began working as a journalist for the satellite television Phoenix (Hong Kong) in their Paris branch. In 2009, I held the position of director at the documentary department of Phoenix Satellite Television France (channel of Phoenix TV in France).


        I developed my career in the audiovisual field debuting as a special effects technician and video editor. I subsequently worked as a cameraman, editor, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and finally, as project manager.


        I established my agency "L-Image Studio" for audiovisual creations in 2012, which have been joined by professional photographers, videographers, stylists, designers. Our mission is to meet the needs of both companies and individuals.

Having worked in image creation for many years, we have accumulated much experience in audiovisual production. We would be very honoured if our skill and creation add color to your life and create wealth for your business.


       Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will respond in the shortest time possible.


Luo Hao

Founder of  L- Image Studio