Aside from a keen interest in political and social issues, we are also very curious about the world and certainly voracious for new information. Our travels allow us to escape our daily lives which are too often monotonous.

At L- ImageStudio our goal is to demonstrate the poetry of traveling – at each destination there are a variety of colours, movement, light, smells, and the eyes of the people who speak to us.

It is not only the scenery and culture that are of interest to us but also the local cuisine.

Travel photography is the ability to share your findings to the rest of the world.

We work closely with the press of the Chinese world. If you wish for the beauty of your area to be known and admired, and later possibly visited by tourists from China, we will be happy to help you.


We will be the eyes of viewers from afar who wish to explore the West. Do tell us about your next departure! 



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